Bluebird Update

Well, it has been quite awhile since my last post about my baby bluebirds. It is just amazing how fast they have grown and developed from day to day. They have a good set of parents, for sure and a nice snug box. I need to talk a bit about the box as well at some point.

In the last update, I included a photo of the beautiful soft blue eggs in wonderful nest and a quick snap of the babies the day they were born – April 25. How exciting. I have not checked them every day but every other day especially if it was raining or cool.

Babies Not As Big As Finger Day 3 April 27, 2017

Babies Not As Big As Finger 27th

April 29, 2017 Baby Bluebirds Day 5 Birds are quite active – especially the bigger older one. Feather fuzz is developing quite fast.

April 29, 2017 Baby Bluebirds

Unbelievable how much they developed by one day later on Day 6 Babies Close-up April 30, 2017

Babies Close-up 30th

Bluebird Wing Feathers Developing Rapidly on May 2, 2017 Day 8 Pretty Amazing

Bluebird Wing Feathers Developing 2nd

Well, that is the bluebird update. I had an exciting three days with the rose-breasted grosbeak as it only stays three days and feeds and refuels I guess for its trip farther to somewhere.

Saw my brown thrasher yesterday and today on the back bank. I have more than one red cardinal – saw three at once one day this week. Today, I saw a yellow, orange and gold flash and am not sure what I saw. No photo. Was wondering if it might be the Magnolia Warbler or perhaps an oriole….I am thinking wasn’t large enough for an oriole though I have never seen one. So I have a flash shot in my mind.

I saw my first fledgling at the feeder perhaps day before yesterday – a tufted titmouse. It has been several times today and I do have photos. It comes to the feeder all trembly on the top perch of the feeding station. Before the parents can get to it, it flies away. The parents look all bewildered trying to find it to feed it. It is fun to watch the babies especially when it is one of their own. Last year, they ended up with an ungrateful cowbird baby who was quite ugly to the little tufted titmouse. NATURE!

So Long until next time.

Baby Bluebirds Born

Yesterday, five little bluebirds appeared to replace the pretty blue eggs that were in the bluebird nest. I was so surprised. I snapped a quick photo and closed it right back up as was misting a bit after five days solid of rain. I will try to get a better photo next time. Not today though. A neighbor asked to see them, so I opened the box to show her. They were already active, this morning. It looked like they had grown new feather fuzz overnight. I did not take photos as she was talking and I did not want to keep them open too long or upset the parents too much. So until next time, here is yesterday’s photo.

Cardinals – A Bit Of Courting At Feeder

I was taking photos of the male over on the platform feeder when suddenly he popped over to the sky cafe where the lady was busy feeding. I think if he had his way she would never get a bite to eat other than the sweet morsels he shares with her. This is a dream scene that is almost impossible to capture the exact moment. Just in the last week, I have missed it time after time. Just that quickly he pops over to her – sometimes when she already has a mouth full.

So, yesterday, I caught them behind the sky cafe but missed the perfect moment. I had the moment before and the moment after. Today I lucked it. Isn’t it great that the sky cafes are see through. Otherwise would have missed the whole event or actually events as he fed her three times in quite a short few moments. Could have been seconds. Who’s counting at such a moment. I can go back and check the timing on my photos.

The first feeding I missed completely as I followed the bird but aimed low so all I got was body language but not the two beaks meeting. So the photos above were the next feeding. The photos below – three of them were from the third feeding. This is most unusual as it is usually so fast and no photo.




Welcome To My Nature Musings

Hi Friends, This is my new home for sharing my photos and stories with you from Word Press. This will be my happy place. I hope you will visit often and leave me a comment.


This is a photo of a Brown Thrasher from Saturday, April 8, 2017. He was busy singing his heart out. First, I thought it was a mockingbird by the way it was singing different tunes. However through the viewfinder I saw specks which are not a characteristic of mockingbirds. I listened to its song on allaboutbirds and, YES, was the very same tunes. Amazing. So I started working to try to capture and get a good shot as it was high up in a tall older tree with many branches, limbs and leaves beginning to fill out. Luckily, it flew to a tree across the street so that the sun lit him up completely. I have other great shots but liked this one where he was just a singing.

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